Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Questions to Ask Prior to Having Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Done

Okay, I know some of you are thinking of having plastic surgery done, or cosmetic surgery done to enhance your looks, so I came across some information for you, which should be helpful in your decision to have the procedure done. 

Here is a list of ten questions to ask yourself prior to having any cosmetic procedure done:

1)      where is the procedure being done, is is at the provider’s home residence, or  a back alley somewhere?  If so, this should be a ‘red flag’ to not have it done.
2)      is the provider who’s doing the procedure a physician who is board certified in either dermatology or plastic/reconstructive surgery?  Ask to see their board certification, if need be.  If the physician is not in one of these two specialties, don’t have the procedure done.
3)      how many of these procedures has the physician done per year, what is their complication rate?
4)      ask to see pre and post op pictures of other patients they have done
5)      make sure to have the physician explain exactly how they are going to do the surgical procedure and when you can expect to have the final results visible, will it be 6 weeks, 3 months or 6 months?
6)      acquire recommendations from your friends, who did they go to and what were their results?
7)      do your homework, look up the physicians on the internet.  There are now website that will grade a physician, you can also call your state medical board and ask them whether the physician has anything against their license. 
8)      If you come across a webiste that is fancy with lots of videos, or you see a TV ad, or gives a 1-800 number or 2 for 1 procedures, DO NOT go to this facility to have your procedure done.  All of these tactics are ‘red flags’ that they are not reputable or know what they are doing.
9)      make sure the physician is associated with a reputable hospital and they have been credentialed by this hospital to be on staff.  This will tell you that the hospital has already looked into the physician’s credentials and has verified them.  The hospital will also only allow the physician to do procedures that they are qualified to do, which is another factor in your favor.
10)   lastly, listen to your intuition, if your gut says something is wrong, then something is wrong and don’t have it done by the physician you are thinking of doing your procedure.  Start your search again.  Having any cosmetic procedure is not worth having a botched procedure.  You need to make sure it is done correctly the first time around.    

So, for those of you who are thinking of creating a ‘new you’ for the New Year, please remember the 10 questions above prior to having your procedure done.  I wish all of my readers the best!

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