Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'd love to hear your comments!

I've been writing this blog for a little over a year now.  In that time frame I've written patient stories that run the gamut from pediatrics to geriatrics, from primary care to oncology (cancer).  I've written about relationships, families, books I've read, and people I've meet. 

Now what I'd love to hear from you my readers is what have your learned, what have you liked, what would you like to read more of, how do you want me to change my writing style (if you do)?  How can I help you through this blog learn more about your own personal health or the health of your family members? 

Please send me your comments once you've been able to think about my questions above and I'll do my best to help you learn about your own health issues.  I love to write and teach, so please tell me what you'd like to learn.

Again, thanks for reading my blog and I wish you a great new year of 2012!  --sharon


  1. I work for a PA job board. We are looking for blogs like yours that we could link to. Do you want to be a contributor on our site?

  2. sure, you can link your pa job board to mine, I'd be thrilled. And, yes I can be a contributor on your site. Thanks for asking, sharon

  3. I just found your blog, and I definitely enjoyed reading it. I am a future PA, starting school in January 2013. I liked reading about the range of different cases, getting a flavor of your interactions with the patients and the process of diagnosis, and learning some of the details of the underlying disease process.

    Keep up the good work!